Just reported weekend of June 24-25th, announcements in ReitiVetrina indicate that Mauro Merlino arrived in Reiti in June, to talk on Radio Mondo and urge the officials of Amatrice to help end bureaucracy and help the Earthquake victims.

The areas of Amatrice lay in rubble piles and rebuilding efforts are slow and nonexistant trapped in political nighmares. In this article: https://rietinvetrina.it/a-rieti-mauro-merlino-lo-spiderman-che-aiuta-la-gente/ ,  Merlino indicates he is “apolitical” having no political affiliation and just came to help. He promises to visit Amatrice via foot before leaving the area.

See the article here: 

Article from https://rietinvetrina.it/a-rieti-mauro-merlino-lo-spiderman-che-aiuta-la-gente/

This tweet we found also explains he was in the area to help, before heading to ViaReggio.  His interview with Radio Mondo has not yet come to light, but as soon as we find it we shall share it.

Many of the children in the Amatrice region have lost their homes, belongings and some even family members.  Bringing a smile to the faces of the children is touching at best.

Thanks to this activist for doing all he can to help the children. He also indicates his Mayor has a letter for their Mayor….perhaps an alliance of towns can get things moving!