Here is a list of recent Mauro Merlino videos on Youtube.  Have fun and enjoy watching!  Ecco un elenco dei più recenti video Mauro Merlino su Youtube. Buon divertimento e godetevi!


These two videos are in Italian but the message is clear: he is walking around cheering up children , and asking the people of Italy to do something, don’t just sit and bow your heads. This is over recent issues getting assistance to Earthquake victims in Italy.  Both of these , below, were filmed in Bologna Italy in March 2017.


 This video (BELOW) was filmed in Mantova (Mantua) in March 2017 and indicates how Mauro feels the government should respond better to the victims of the quake, Amatrice and those who need help.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH   (you will be redirected to Mantova TV.

Mauro Merlino Mantova TV

 CLICK HERE TO WATCH   (you will be redirected to Mantova TV.

This is an old video showing the peaceful protest of Mauro Merlino regarding his Equitalia case. He was featured on talk programs, “Quinta Colonna” and local news. Here are some vidoes from that time.