mauro merlino blue
                                 Mauro Merlino in Blue Spiderman Costume Xentai version

Did you ever get banned from Wikipedia? Well it happened to me. I have since tailored this post, but wanted to tell you I went though some hell on Wikipedia. For me, making a Wikipedia page is not super hard to do, it took me a few hours and the hard part is making sure you cite verifiable sources. However, uploading a photograph that they won’t remove surely is difficult.  Mauro’s photos were used with permission, however, on Wikipedia they really want you to use photos that you take yourself and make them available in large style formats for others to use commercially.   So there is a photo on a phone or camera, that you share with someone, and try to get them to resend to you, it’s a mess.  The photo now has so much metadata they can’t verify it’s yours. Another problem is sending back and forth on phone email or WhatsApp you will have issues with the fact that it’s resized to smaller version for faster transport.

Two of my photos were marked for deletion as they had been used other places prior.  In other words, even if you have permission and they are used on other blogs, sites, or stories, good luck getting them past Wikipedia. By the time I go to retrieve them then they are already deleted.

When I demand that I need a professional photos for my client they assumed I was paid as I said client.  No, this site is a donation and I am honored to be doing it.  I am glad this website is for fans of Mauro Merlino. There are over 20 million Italian Americans in the USA and we also appreciate his work.

Here are some original photographs.

Mauro Merlino Spiderman Blue
Blue Spider-Man costume, Mauro Merlino